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Ideaosphere: dangerous

by Topper on April 3rd, 2008

Buzz Canuck: The Quality of the Blogosphere Careeens Downhill, The Need for an Ideaosphere

What do we do to stop this erosion of social media intellect? Somebody like TED needs to create an “Ideaosphere” that includes blogs at all levels of the social media caste system that are putting forward great ideas and content. Hopefully, a link and traffic-agnostic blog portal would be able to create the
‘Atlantic Monthly” of the blog world – a place where discriminating minds could go and be inspired by fresh and progressive voice.

I think ideas like this are inherently dangerous. They always sound like a good idea, but in practice we’ve learned over and over again that the crowd is much better at figuring out “what’s good” then a curator of some sort.

Ted can maybe pick some blogs and make a nice jumping off point – but I’ve made my own blog portal in Google Reader filled with great ideas (including Ted Talks).