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New marketing in 4 easy steps

by Topper on April 7th, 2008

Design and Business Strategy Have One More Thing in Common – Both Are in the Business of Dealing with White Space – Marketing & Strategy Innovation Blog

Managing the white space often requires a dual focus – exploring the intersection of emerging trends and at the same time defining how the convergence of multiple technologies or capabilities might satisfy powerful latent consumer needs. Whatever the idea is, you need to continually engage in continuous learning around new consumers, channel partners, suppliers, competitors, business models and other emerging marketplace dynamics. Endless rounds of spreadsheet modeling won’t make it more robust.

All of these articles come down to these steps:

  1. Figure out how to build an audience (some companies can skip this step)
  2. Figure out a way to have real conversation with representative individuals
  3. Aggressively go out of your way to service the needs of your market
  4. Listen and communicate with your market
  5. Loop back to 3