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Installing Git on Dreamhost

by Topper on April 8th, 2008

UPDATE: Just go check this out:

Most of this is taken from this post.

However, that post had an error (for my account) so I did the following:

Make sure you replace < > with your dreamhost user name.

$mkdir ~/src
$ cd ~/src
$ wget
$ tar xzf git-1.5.4.rc4.tar.gz
$ cd git-1.5.4.rc.tar.gz
$ ./configure –prefix=/home/< >/packages NO_CURL=1 NO_MMAP=1
$ make
$ make install
$ git –version

That should return:
git version 1.5.4.rc4

And then you have git on that machine.

  • Great post! Thanks!

  • Tom Davies

    thanks for this – really useful!

  • Doug Hall

    Thanks! Before they do git –version at the end, they need to update their PATH variable in .bash_profile:

    export PATH=/home//packages/libexec/git-core:$PATH

  • Doug Hall

    As a follow-up on my last post, above, the correct path will have your Dreamhost username between /home/ and /packages. The blogging software removed the brackets I put there to show that.

  • mike

    . ~/.bash_profile too

  • Al W.
  • Thanks for the tutorial. Worked like a charm on 1.7.1 on my Dreamhost PS, but just remember to do the path export!

  • Faraaz Khan

    Nice article, but is no longer available on the link above, is there somewhere else it found?

  • Anonymous

    Thanks. I updated the blog post.  Git has upped its version git-0.7.tar.gz

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