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by Topper on April 10th, 2008

code [dot] – RubyAMP

RubyAMP is a TextMate bundle that makes you more productive in editing, navigating, and debugging Ruby code. Now you can easily:

  • auto-complete from all open tabs
  • jump to a method, class, or fixture named under the cursor
  • start the debugger on a series of RSpec examples and break at the current line
  • inspect by highlighting to evaluate to tooltip or clipboard
  • fire up a Merb/Rails server or console for your current app
  • tail development.log

RubyAMP is insanely awesome.

I had to add
{ PATH = “/usr/local/bin:/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/mysql/bin:/opt/local/bin:/opt/local/sbin:/bin:/sbin:/usr/bin:/usr/sbin”; }

to ~/.MacOSX/environment.plist

Actually, I had to create it. Apparently this is a strange TextMate issue (see the “important” paragrah over at Macromates)