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Amazon beta tests persistent storage for EC2

by Topper on April 14th, 2008

Amazon Web Services Blog: Storage Space, The Final Frontier

[…]our forthcoming persistent storage feature will give you the ability to create reliable, persistent storage volumes for use with EC2. Once created, these volumes will be part of your account and will have a lifetime independent of any particular EC2 instance.

These volumes can be thought of as raw, unformatted disk drives which can be formatted and then used as desired (or even used as raw storage if you’d like). Volumes can range in size from 1 GB on up to 1 TB; you can create and attach several of them to each EC2 instance. They are designed for low latency, high throughput access from Amazon EC2. Needless to say, you can use these volumes to host a relational database.

I’m pretty confident that EC2 is the right place for Jump Canopy to do its hosting. It’s moderately more expensive at first (but not much) and offers so much flexibility in the future.

Plus, they keep getting better (as seen above).

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