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Paul Miller: Not a good guy and past president of the American League of Lobbyists

by Topper on April 16th, 2008

Public asked to shape open-government bill

“I don’t think the way you advocate is to put everything online and say, ‘All right American people, weigh in on that,’ because then what’s next?” Miller asked. “Are we going to let the American people decide our defense policy, our trade policy, our immigration policy?”

I have no idea what Paul Miller is like outside of this quotation. However, it seems that he’s incredibly ignorant. The answer is YES! Absolutely: yes! And for even thinking that you wouldn’t want that: stop being an imbecile. It’s guys like him that perpetuate what’s wrong with American politics.

I got this from Personal Democracy Formum.

Scott Adams suggests a fun little mind game to play. Basically: try to name one instance where the majority is currently wrong. Of course, we have the benefit of hind-sight for past attrocities.

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