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Rumsfeld totally incompetent (surprise?)

by Topper on May 2nd, 2008

How Much Did Rumsfeld Know? – TIME

Secretary Rumsfeld then pulled out a two-page memo and handed it to me. “I wrote this after a promotion interview about two weeks ago,” he explained. “The officer told me that one of the biggest mistakes we made after the war was to allow CENTCOM and CFLCC to leave the Iraq theater immediately after the fighting stopped — and that left you and V Corps with the entire mission.”

If this is even remotely true then it makes me sad that our country has leadership like this. War is perhaps the ultimate responsibility of government. Not to be taken lightly, not to be weaseled and not to be used for political gain. Something like this is so callous and so lacking in basic human emotion… oh man… just read the article.

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