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Don’t Overplan

by Topper on May 28th, 2008

208 Gradual Stiffening

[…]The novice by comparison, spends a great deal of his time trying to figure out what to do. He does this essentially because he knows that an action he takes now may cause unretractable problems a little further down the line; and if he is not careful, he will find himself with a joint that requires the shortening of some crucial member – at a stage when it is too late to shorten that member. The fear of these kinds of mistakes forces him to spend hours trying to figure ahead: and it forces him to work as far as possible to exact drawings because they will guarantee that he avoids these kinds of mistakes.

That’s a beautiful thought. As you get better working on the web, you realize that long-term projects and specific comps never work out. What does work is making something simple and building it up to excellence.

Incremental improvements on your own products: gorgeous.

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