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RailsConf: 10 Things I hate about web apps

by Topper on May 30th, 2008

I gotta say… I’m a little unimpressed with this talk. He makes some valid points, but rather than working with the technologies available he went out and built his own client side app “Limelight.”

Ok, I’ll avoid the obvious: “You got to have distribution to make this viable.”

I think what he really dislikes about the web is the aesthetics of the actual languages. However, we can be better about providing ourselves nice APIs to work with (browser CSS hacks aside). Javascript, HTML, CSS are not *bad* it’s just really easy to use them poorly.

Rounded corners need not be painful after a nice library is built around them (hint… one of my co-workers might be open sourcing one soon).

Make small manageable components with easy to understand APIs and then use them to build your dreams.

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