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SproutCore models

by Topper on July 1st, 2008

Those links (if you haven’t checked ’em out) provide some nice insight into how the SproutCore team is thinking about javascript models. It’s an interesting pattern of separation.


In a model you use MyModel.get(‘blah’) and MyModel.set(‘blah’) and then (it uses ruby helpers) in a view you do something like this:

< %= progress_view :progress_bar_id, :minimum => 0,
:maximum => 100,
:indeterminate => true | false,
:value => 50,
:bind => { :value => ‘MyModel.blah’ } %>

where bind is telling it to update the view everytime the value ‘blah’ changes.

It seems like a relatively simple pattern (at least for simple updates). I’m not totally sold on SproutCore itself (and it’s defacto lock-in to certain UI) but all-in-all those guys are real smart and are paving the way for real client-side javascript frameworks (not just these libraries that we have now).