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OMG: TGI Fridays is terrible

by Topper on August 7th, 2008

T.G.I. Friday’s Loyalty Program, ‘Give Me More Stripes,’ Lets You Cut the Line and Get Free Food | Serious Eats : Required Eating

T.G.I. Friday’s launched their loyalty program, “Give Me More Stripes” on July 14, and the numbers are astounding: more than 380,000 members signed up, which evens out to more than 600 members per U.S. restaurant.

That, my friends, is what is wrong with America. It’s strange living in a city like New York where everyone is trying to be ultra-individual is sometimes frustrating, but then I read a story like this and think: “Who the hell are these people and why are they eating at TGI Fridays?”

It really says something about psychology though. People feel comfortable in what they know. It’s hard to switch them out of the things they know. Safety (in mind and experience) is really important to *a lot* of people.

It’s hard to remember that sometimes being the more adventurous-eater type myself.

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