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Boxes and Arrows: Bringing Holistic Awareness to Your Design

by Topper on March 2nd, 2009

Bringing Holistic Awareness to Your Design – Boxes and Arrows

We did not find any correlation with user satisfaction and those teams with the most specialized team members, one way or the other: some teams with the most specialization did well, and some teams did poorly. What we did consistently observe among teams that had high user satisfaction scores, was one characteristic that stood out above all the others—what we began to call shared, holistic understanding. Those teams that achieved the highest degree of shared, holistic understanding consistently designed the best web applications. The more each team member understood the business goals, the user needs, and the capabilities and limitations of the IT environment—a holistic view—the more successful the project. In contrast, the more each team member was “siloed” into knowing just their piece of the whole, the less successful the project.

Yes, yes yes. I now work for a company that believes in top-down and bottom-up understanding. I didn’t always. I’ve always said that even the full-time janitor needs to understand the business goals in order to most-effectively do their job.