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Confused about CouchDB changes API?

by Topper on September 10th, 2009

If the couchdb book confused you regarding the changes api that supposedly exists:

I think that’s a 0.10 release feature (and not yet in 0.9.1). I stumbled upon this API which seems to do something very similar: (scroll down to “all_docs_by_seq”).

  • Jan Lehnardt


    the book documents the tentative 1.0 release. I should add a note about the 0.10 availability I guess.
    The _all_docs_by_seq view is not continuous but very similar, but we might remove it in favour of _changes.

    Have you seen the “Comment on” links next to each paragraph (require JavaScript) to send feedback? We’d appreciate receiving feedback there. It makes it easier to fix things in one place and not have info scattered all over the web 🙂

    THanks for you feedback, though, keep it up! 🙂