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Does the modern browser landscape look excellent to you?

by Topper on November 6th, 2009

If you were able to say: “Fuck IE6” (at least being able to say: “it will work, but will be old school.” Do you think we live in a world now where the browsers have “enough” features? That is to say – the javascript engines are fast enough to simulate features of other browsers and frameworks are pervasive enough to have already done that for you?

I watched this video last night ( which was well done. Basically – YUI has taken the html5 spec and ported it to other browsers. There’s Raphael: which has taken SVG and moved it to other browsers.

It seems to me that, while I can’t wait till IE9 or 8.5 support stuff that Firefox and Safari have supported for years, the modern landscape is looking pretty good.

Computers are getting fast enough and the javascript engines are good enough that we are consistently better able to simulate APIs in the “crappy browsers.”

What do you think?