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Tech Sector Unemployment Rate

by Topper on September 9th, 2010

The New York Times published the article “Once a Dynamo, the Tech Sector Is Slow to Hire.”

The piece comes across a little “woe is me.” Which I find strange. The tech industry that I know and love isn’t hurting at all. However, as the article states, the mediocre development jobs and the grunt work is being shipped overseas. That’s good for America and American developers.

This particular paragraph in the article kind of sums it up (I think):

Ms. Mann said, that an employer has sent her job abroad since she received her master’s in computer science more than two decades ago; the last time was in 2001. This week she starts a yearlong program to upgrade her programming skills, paid for by a federal program that assists workers who have been displaced by international trade.

The tech industry is so wide open for positions right now. Companies are scrambling to find the best talent and it’s incredibly difficult to find excellent developers. Software development also has vastly greater resources available to the self starter than many other industries.

All it takes to become an excellent developer is to decide on something to learn, and go learn it. You probably don’t even have to buy a book. In general, the communities are very supportive of “newbs” and there are tons of open source projects that you could work on to provide you with “something real.”

In any industry, if you “show up for your job, work a little, and then leave” you will probably be out of a job. There are hungry, passionate people all over the world that want your job. The good news is that if you care about what you do, constantly learn, and adapt then it will be impossible to ship your job overseas.

All it takes is to love your job. Do that – and I bet you keep it.

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