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The process of software creation

by Topper on August 22nd, 2011

Wow. This woman describes succinctly what I’ve been trying to describe for a few years now. At the ol’ Motionbox (pre Snapfish acquisition) this is exactly what we were doing. We went from the horrible waterfall, to a version of Agile (not formal) and settled on something remarkably like what Mary writes.

It worked fantastically. It keeps everybody invested and focused on the end result rather than the details. It also keeps your team working together and doesn’t allow for excuses like “that wasn’t on the list.”

It, however, does require everyone on your team to be a good-to-great communicator and to be very good at their jobs (weak links stick out like sore thumbs). However, if that’s not what you’re striving for anyway… you’re probably doing it wrong.

Hardcore agile guys… what’s your take?

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  • G. Andrew Holz

    Topper, pretty interesting.  
    We will have to have lunch and discuss it out some time.I am in the process of picking up more info over here at Jesta to compare to our ol’ Motionbox process (which wasnt ~real~ Agile though it was very agile.)  
    The RoR team I am building up in Montreal for Bitbop is seeded with some HARDCORE Agile process people and I we are still fleshing it all out.  Its not ~so~ different and we havent gone the full story route but its interesting.