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I build websites. My career has been about learning all the facets of making useful, profitable (and hopefully fun) sites. I started on the design side, moved into more UI-oriented rolls and now find myself in a leadership engineering position. I have extensive Ruby on Rails (5+ yrs) and Javascript (10+ yrs) experience.

I founded, designed and built Quimble in 2005. As one of the earlier web 2.0 and rails sites, it garnered some attention and I was able to eventually sell the company in 2008.

As lead developer at Motionbox, I led the application development team through architecture design and pairing and helped define the company’s agile-like process. I believe in the power of small, diverse teams iterating their way to market victory.

I also launched Croon My Tune with my business partner Mike McCaffery this year. It’s been a blast.

You can find some open source projects on my Github profile.

Feel free to contact me: topper (at) toppingdesign (dot) com